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Notice: The Seven Secrets, and the Proper Names of Character’s within the storyline are © Copyright 2007, 2008 Mythic Design, Inc.. All rights reserved. The Seven Secrets is a pending Trademark of Mythic Design, Inc.

The Seven Secrets • A Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Campaign by Justin Mason

Status: Completed (Barring a possible future campaign that may re-visit the setting)

The picture above is the official Seven Secrets campaign portrait commissioned by the Dungeon Master from fantasy/comic book artist Barry Williams . Each player has received a frame print of the piece, and the original now hangs in the game room. Depicted from left to right are Alecia Va’Gracyn-Everstill, Romlynn Everstill, Marcus Stonemorrow, the gold dragon high-priestess Rebsilnisha Rymestara Themirox (Rebecca) in her human form, Decimus Draconis, Tristana the Druidess, Thorin Firewind, Verral Dessus, and the big guy in the rear of the group is Zion, keeper and guardian of Vaxpora. In the background to the left is Xaxoth in his red dragon form, and to the right the Silverveil, emperor class Elven airship. Also depicted in the background are the ruins of the once great tower of the Order of White Wizards.

The provided image has been slightly altered digitally by the Dungeon Master. Click here (JPG|455KB) if you would like to view the origianl piece by the artist without the digital enhancements.

The portrait is also now available as a desktop wallpaper that may be downloaded in various resolutions here:

1280×1024 (JPG|1,150KB) | 1280×960 (JPG|1,030KB) | 1280×768 (JPG|718KB) | 1152×864 (JPG|722KB) | 1024×768 (JPG|712KB) | 800×600 (JPG|487KB) | All Resolutions (ZIP|4,613KB)

Update 05/02/2008: AvatarArt is working on several of the images for the campaign. Be sure to keep an eye out for the lastest image updates!
Update 06/01/2008: The Seven Secrets has been selected by Obsidian Portal to be the Featured Campaign for June 2008. Thank you for the honour and the fantastic review. It’s greatly appreciated! And thank you to everyone who has voted and commented on our campaign, we hope you all have enjoyed reading about it as much as we did playing it.

A Message from the Dungeonmaster (05/04/2008)

So, with an epic battle, and unexpected happy ending, our adventurous journey of the past year has finally drawn to a close. While this particular story has come to an end, fear not: the world of Myterra and the intricate tales woven by the lives of the player-characters are likely not over! They shall return, in one form or another, to this magnificent world that all the players have helped me to forge from pure imagination. In all my years of gaming, one thing I’ve learned is that it’s next to impossible to have such a large gaming-party to maintain a consistent campaign almost weekly for an entire year. I thank all of you who participated; it was no small feat, and your overall dedication is to be commended.

However, all good stories must come to an end. There will be no more scheduled game sessions for the Seven Secrets. Thank you all for the great times, gret fun, and great memories!

Sincerely, Justin Mason (Dungeonmaster)

Total Campaign Running Time: 33 Game Sessions / 255 Hours (Average Game Session Length: 7.72 Hours)

This campaign ran on average three times each month from early June 2007 to May 2008.

The Seven Secrets (Concluded) ~ CotM Award NOV 2008

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